How Profitable Is Your Pipeline?

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Who Is AnalyticSherpa?

We are a team of seasoned business analysts that are passionate about organizing big data into simple and actionable formats.

Our over 100 years of combined experience and expertise developing and managing analytic departments for large financial organizations will help you create, extend and maintain an efficient and effective data infrastructure. 

We can help you visualize your data to manage your business, uncover opportunities, identify trends, and model and forecast solutions. 

Check Out Our New Case Study

We helped a struggling family-owned business build a new profitable pipeline. 

The first thing we did was look at their P&L over the last couple of years. As they expected, they were not making any money or hitting the expected margin targets for their projects. We realized it was not an overhead problem; meaning that they did not spend a lot of money on rent or inventory or even payroll.

Once we realized this was not an overhead problem but more of the cost of goods or pricing issue we started a deeper dive Into individual jobs/projects from start to finish. How were the projects estimated? How did they perform during the process of the build? Did they take longer than usual? Were they tracking change orders properly? Were they collecting the money they were expecting? This is for us a standard process that we run on all of our clients finances regardless of their industry.


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